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3-1-1 bottles
3-1-1 bottles
A necessity for carry on luggage. Makes travel much easier and time saving
FEBRUARY-Wanted to share this great "natural" cleaning tip with everyone.  This is a great cleanser for stainless steel and porcelain  sinks.
---Mix one cup of baking soda and 9-12 drops of lavender essential oil (make certain it is real essential oil),  Put into a glass jar and mix well. Cover with a tightly fitting lid.  Continue to mix (or stir) the ingredients a couple times a day for the next few days  before using it. 
Sprinkle onto the surface you want to clean (use fabric cloth).  On stainless steel sinks...always use back and forth motion (or left to right and right to left) never circles.  Circular motions will scratch the stainless steel. Clean up the white residue with hot water and soft cloth or white vinegar and soft cloth.   
MARCH-Effective March, 2015 we will offer quantity  pricing on all our products.  Minimum 10 sets or $180 minimum order.  Contact us by e-mail for more information.
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