Luggage Organization - Other Products - glenshaw, PA
Garment Bags
24 piece Closet Organizational Garment/Storage Bags
Four large garment bags, six small garment bags, 14 shelf storage bags. Eight gauge vinyl with zippers.
Price: $49.99
Eight Storage Bags for Sweaters/ Scarves, etc
Eight storage bags for sweaters, scarves, etc. Made from 8 gauge vinyl, trimmed in black with black zippers
Price: $18.99
Five LED Flashlights/keychains
Five LED Flashlight/keychains with gift boxes. Black in color.
Price: $24.99
Stadium Purse (Four)
Purse is perfect solution for taking all necessities to stadium. Also great for cosmetic and misc. storage. See- thru 8 gauge vinyl trimmed in black with black zippers
Price: $24.99
Item 1---Eight Storage bags...great for storing sweaters, scarves, 8 gauge see-thru vinyl trimmed in black and with black zippers 18.99
Item 4---Stadium Bags ...four for 24.99 Perfect solution for visiting a stadium, carry all necessities in a see-thru vinyl bag.
Item 3---Five LED Flashlight Keychains 24.99
Item 2---Garment Bags-- Four ( 24x54) and six (24x40),Fourteen shelf storage bags.  Great for storing coats, dresses, sweaters. jackets, etc. 49.99
3-1-1 Bottles in Bag (Three sets) $24.99Two sets 3-1-1 bottles and bags.  Three (3 oz.) bottles, one spray bottle and two jars.Stadium bag, see-thru purse, vinyl bag, stadium purse see-thru bag
Each set includes three (3 oz.) bottles, one spray bottle, two (3 oz. jars.) 
 One quart of liquids (3 oz. max per bottle or  container is all that is allowed in a carry on suitcase for airline travel. 
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